For some reason I was born an artist. I'm not sure why this is and I stopped thinking about it much a long time ago. Not so very long ago it occurred to me that the world needed something from all of us to help it out and make things better for everyone. I knew at that point that the best I was ever going to do and the most I could do to help was Art. I love good art. It can be found in what the great masters have done and it can also be found in the most unusual places and times. I don't hold too firm an opinion of what makes art good or great as it's not a style or name or anything like that. Some of it I think is accidental but mostly I think its that the artist wanted to say something and all the stars aligned and it got done in an artistic manner that someone else found it to be art also.

I intend to communicate something with everything I produce, it may be pure beauty, it may be political or social or meant to warn others. But I don't want to say things  so strongly  that the viewer cannot contribute and get to thinking about it and maybe do something themselves due to it. If I can create some thought in the viewer I am happy and feel successful. If I can do it in a way that is good art, beautiful, and or brings a sense of aesthetic satisfaction that's a bonus.

 I have spent a considerable amount of time studying art and artists. I have read Da Vinci's notebooks; I have studied all the great artists from the renaissance forward and some not so great ones. I have found teachers that know what has been lost from the notebooks and have filled in that gap.  I figure the best ones are the ones that paint from their own heart, they have mastered the tools and materials and are creating purely and uniquely. I don't think it's a matter of figuring out what is new and exciting I think just expressing yourself honestly is the way to go. I have several themes that have run through my art over the years and I work on more than one series at once. I like to depict the urban environment especially and people and the things they have made.  I hope that you enjoy it.